Your new journey is one touch away in the RAFTS® app.

Everything taken care of in RAFTS® from the moment you know you are hired! So you can focus on other important things!

From moving companies, information on culture, history, real estate in the Netherlands, as well as a complete package for children, so they can experience the move in the best possible way.

Check our video!

Up close and personal in a fun way, completely serviced!

From the moment it is clear that there is a new job, until 3 months into the new job, everything will be taken care of.  A completely personal approach, but practical and direct through the RAFTS® app. It even has a complete package for children, so they can experience their move in a fun and interesting way as well.

Interactive and Visual

You have total insight in the progress of your “journey” through RAFTS® as well.

Personal Support

We support you and your family members personally and completely and arrange everything on your behalf.

Fun and Quizes

Have fun with our quizzes on some Dutch items and words.

Informative and Useful

In just a few clicks, you have information on cities, culture, history, legal and much more when you need it,  or when you feel like it

What you can expect from your Journey  with RAFTS®

RAFTS® will take care of the following, but is not limited to…

Moving & Packing

Immigration services



Arrival-soft landing


Check in and -out service

Maintenance services

Children packages



Bank accounts

Language courses


Watch Nathalie’s experience with RAFTS®

Nathalie, an accountant from Australia, got an opportunity to apply for a job in The Netherlands. After some interviews, she got offered the job! But then everything got real, and the stress kicked in; immigration, packing, new school for the children, etc. Watch how Nathalie got the right support from RAFTS® to overcome this.

Less hassle for HR or company

RAFTS® changes the transfer into a smooth transition! HR managers spend much less time on their incoming expats!

Coming soon: RAFTS® will be available in 27 languages.

Powered by:
The Expat Center for The Netherlands

The Expat Center has a full service that backs up the RAFTS® app,  so personal contact is available real time with your own RAFTS® account manager.

Get in touch with us

Contact us now for providing an end-to-end service to a smooth transition for your expats with RAFTS®.

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